Carbonite Dreams- The First Entry

Hello everyone! I just want to welcome you all to Carbonite Dreams, a Kotor encyclopedia. I thought making a welcome blog would be good; now the page isn’t so empty. 😉

Anyway, this will probably be a fairly short blog, since the “welcoming speech” is in the About page. We’re currently in need of Writers right now; if anyone is interested in that, they can read the rules right here. Over time, we hope to have many, many biographies for things in the Kotor era (or Old Republic), and we need your help to do that! We might be editing the site some more soon, so keep an eye out for that. We’ll be putting up the slots the Biographies will belong in, but I’m thinking those might just go on the forums. I’m also searching for one thing that I hope I can find. If I do, it’ll be really cool (I won’t say what it is now since I want it to be a surprise, but soon….).

We’ll also be posting various Star Wars video game, comic, novel, miscellaneous and site news. And of course, news about Kotor.

May the Force be with you all!


7 Responses to “Carbonite Dreams- The First Entry”

  1. wheres the encyclopedia????

  2. Well, since we just opened, we’re getting Writers to work on things now. But don’t worry; you’ll see more things very soon. 😉

  3. Shawn Sajus Says:

    Hey im looking forward to this site’s development it looks excellent. However I have a question and im hoping you might be able to answer it will kotor III ever be made or have they abandoned it. ??

  4. Currently, that’s unknown. But there have been many rumours persisting lately of a possible MMO. Nothing is official yet, though.

    Hopefully with E3 this July we’ll get some answers!

  5. Shawn Sajus Says:

    Yeah well I hope so , a MMO would be okay but I really do believe they need to complete KOTOR III with how KOTOR II ended im dieing just waiting for the possibillity of kotor III

  6. Same here. Say, are you a member of our forums?

  7. Shawn Sajus Says:

    No i am not but I sure will be now. I use to be a mod on a smaller based starwars site. I’m still looking to become a mod again somewhere but time will tell I guess.

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