Kotor MMO Rumours Galore!

Yes, there are now even more rumours about the possible Bioware Kotor MMO everyone has been talking about.  Clubjade.net has found via the Force.net a rumour that the Kotor MMO will be released sometime between 2010-2011.

EUCantina has also spotted a Kotuka article stating LA will NOT be announcing any new games at the upcoming E3, including any of the rumoured titles lately.  Thinking about it, this would make sense; if a Kotor MMO was released 2010/2011, a logical announcement could be sometime next year.  But we don’t need E3 or any gaming event to have Kotor 3 announced; it could be at any time, so there’s still hope for announcement this year, although don’t get your hopes up.

Of course, the only thing that is official in the E3 news, but we’ll try and get you more of the latest new when it comes!

Source: Clubjade.net, EUCantina.net, TheForce.net, Kotaku.com, Destructoid.com


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