Kotor 3 Faq

So, here’s the lowdown on the highly anticipated Kotor III. Taken from the Official Bioware Forums and modified from this

Q: Is there any proof that KotOR3 is even being worked on?

A: No. The only proof we have that it was even considered was an article a while back saying that LucasArts had laid off the pre-development team. Apparently art was worked on for the game but that is on a rumor.

Q: I heard about/saw a link to this statement from BioWare:

Quote: “As a leading representative of BioWare Corp. given the mamoth task of publicising the next in the series of Knights Of The Old Republic games (KOTOR 3), I have permission to confirm that this title is now several months underway.

This may come as a surprise to those who are currently reading this, as it was previously believed that the KOTOR staff had been cut from the LucasArts project. I can also confirm that the KOTOR 3 team is now officially on LucasArts budget and eagerly developing what we hope to be a ‘must have’ title on as of yet unconfirmed Next Generation platforms for 2006.

With more details to be released in the coming weeks, 3 points concerning KOTOR 3 can be posted:

1)The story takes place in a period roughly 14 years after KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords.

2)There will be new characters, equipment, classes, mini games and an entirely new combat system based on the interface used on Jade Empire.

3)The plot follows directly from the last game, plunging the galaxy into war with the True Sith.

This has yet to be posted onto the BioWare official website (www.bioware.com) as the pages are currently serving as a front to keep viewers occupied during a drastic remodelling process of the entire site.

As previously stated, this message is soon to be posted around the internet, and new details are to be released soon.

Keep checking back for more information.”

A: It’s a hoax.

Q: What about Obsidian saying they’d like to do KotOR 3?

A: Yes, that’s correct, but they only said that they would like to work on it. Not that they were working on it, or had even been asked to. Just that they’d like to; Chris Avellone told our friends at EUC that as well. They could do it but aren’t right now as far as we’re aware.

Q: Supershadow claims KotOR III will be made!
A: It’s Supershadow, therefore it’s fake.

Q: LucasArts say that they won’t leave the KotOR franchise behind.

A: Yes, and this is certainly good news. However, we still have no proof that KotOR III is actually being made and that was said by a PR that is no longer there.

Q: Could the BioWare MMORPG with Lucasarts be KotOR III?

A: Yes. It could also be myriad other things, including Indiana Jones, another IP, or something new. Recent rumors state that ex-Lucasarts staff know that it is Kotor III but no confirmation has been made.

Q: LucasArts and BioWare have announced a new ‘interactive entertainment product’.

A: What the heck is one of those, anyway? Anyway, yes, they have. The words ‘Star Wars’ are not mentioned anywhere in that press release, though (okay, once, in reference to KotOR 1), and LucasArts has other intellectual property. It could just as easily be an Indiana Jones game (or MMORPG).

Q: But, but, concept art!

A: Whoever posted it says straight off the bat that it could well be a cancelled project. Since we know that K3 was in pre-development for a while (see above), that’s probably when these are from.

Q: What will we (Carbonite Dreams) accept as proof, damnit?!

A: A press release that is either on LucasArts’ website, LucasArtsBioWare.com, or a game developer’s such as Obsidian website. Not gaming news sites, or any other site. And provide a link.

Q: Anything else to destroy my hopes and dreams?
A: Yes, actually. This:

Quote: Posted by Chris Priestly on the Bioware forums on 15 Feb 2008

I can say there is no KotOR3 from BioWare since there is no KotOR3 from BioWare.

Thanks to Son Of Skywalker for making this!  😀
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