Planet Name: Serroco

Region: Outer Rim

Sector: Arkanis

System: Serroco

Native Species: Stereb, Human

Language: Galactic Basic

Government: Religious Ascendancy

Affiliation: Galactic Republic

Planet Attractions: Glass Craters (formerly Stereb cities)

Planet Landscape: Barren, war-torn

Climate: Arid, dry, windy

History: Serroco, a relative unknown planet, was the site of the pivotal Battle of Serroco in 3,963 BBY. During this battle, Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders turned the native Stereb’s cities into vast glass craters through the use of highly-sophisticated nuclear weapons. These sad city-remnants are all that remains of Serroco’s only indigenous inhabitants. Non-indigenous to the planet is its human population, which regarded the Sterebs as a lower-class, primitive species. Human cities were built on a separate continent, and human sentiment toward the Stereb was one of hostility. The last known leader of Serroco was Lelin-Dorr, whose title was First Patriarch. He was assassinated by Darth Revan during the Jedi Civil War, as it was feared that his sentiments could destabilize the sector, as well as his war efforts.


Author: Aruetiise

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