The Lost Jedi Prophecy

“They were the Lost Jedi, you know.  The true Jedi, upon which the future will be built.  They simply needed a leader, and a teacher.”

During Kreia’s last moments on Malachor V, she foretold the future of many things, including prophecies of some of the Jedi Exile’s allies aboard the Ebon Hawk.  They go as follow:

Mira: “She will stop hunting life, and instead live it.  She was not born to be a predator, despite her true father, and the life she led within the shadow of Nar Shaddaa.  She will miss you, and think of you often.  You, who awakened her to what life is.  She will live…. but only for a time.  Her deather will occur in many years’ time on a forgotten planet, saving the lives of others.  But it will be her choice, and she will have no regrets.”

The first prophecy of the Lost Jedi is about Mira, the Mandalorian-born bounty hunter from Nar Shaddaa, whom the Exile taught the ways of the Force to.  This is perhaps one of the most descriptive prophecies, even stating how Mira dies.  It’s quite foreboding.  Perhaps we will see this in Kotor 3 and how it unfolds, or the audience will forever be wondering how it happens….

Mandalore/Canderous Ordo: “Many battles does that one left have in him…. As Revan intended.  A General needs an army, as he needs those he trusts.  And Canderous is a loyal beast, no matter how much he is broken upon Revan’s will.  But you know this.”

This prophecy, about the Mandalorian warrior Canderous Ordo.  It foreshadows perhaps a further alliance with Revan and him fighting alongside each other.  Maybe we’ll see this in Kotor 3, as with Mira’s prophecy.

Visas Marr: “The blinded one shall return to her homeworld, ans she shall look upon the surface of that world, and perhaps at last see what she was meant to see.  Her life has been changed by your meeting, in ways that might not be felt for decades to come.  Salvation is a relative thing, but as you understand it, yes.”

Just to clear up any confusion, the last sentence is in response to if you ask Kreia if you have saved Visas.  This prophecy is very interesting, hinting that perhaps Visas will do something wonderful in her life that will, in the long run, have its own effects.

Disciple/Mical:  “He cannot help but love you in his own way.  It is pure, ideal love he holds, yet somehow, it never dulls in your presence or through your actions.  If he leaves this place, he will leave the galaxy behind him.  He will sit upon the new Council, reluctantly, as all good men do, and he will not forget the Jedi who had lost the Force, yet showed him the way to reclaim it.  After that I do not know – I do know that you must leave him behind.  The same choice that Revan made – where you are destined, you must not take anyone you love.”

This prophecy implies that there will be a new Jedi Council made, and that the Disciple will be one of the Jedi Masters placed in charge of it.

Atton Rand: “Atton is, as always, the fool.  And the Force watches out for ones such as him, I feel.  As it does for the old such as I.  He is a fool, and that should answer you questions.  He has nothing to offer to one such as you – and even a fool such as Atton is not so ignorant of that fact.”

The last sentence is a reply to your question of whether Atton loves your character or not.  This one is not really a prophecy or vision, but really just a beliefe of Kreia, since prior to saying this, Kreia says she cannot see anything else of the Exile’s allies.

Bao Dur/HK-47/T3-M4/G0-TO: “Their paths are unknown to me.  Even the small one – who waits for you outside this place – I sense it has one last journey for you.”

It appears from previous scenes that the “small one” Kreia is referring to is Bao Dur’s Remote, and although the game’s original intent was to clear up what happened with this subplot, we never found our answer to what journey it has for the Exile.

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