Bioware And LucastArts To Do Kotor MMO

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You read the title right folks!  Since E3, a video game havan, is going on right now, all sorts of things are being announced – one being a Knights Of The Old Republic MMO!  While LA and Bioware have not officially confirmed it, EA boss John Riccitiello has officially confirmed it, so we can take this as a fact.  😀

We’ll be on the prowl for any more information that comes out!

Source: Joystiq


Kotor 31# Preview

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Comic Book Resources has a preview up for the 31st Kotor comic, Turnabout, scheduled to be released July 23rd.  In the article, they also speak with writer John Jackson Miller, who dishes dome good tidbits about the series.  Be sure to check it out!


Kotor Miniatures

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Kotor Miniatures has just discovered a preview of a new pack of Kotor Miniatures on the official Wizards Of The Coast site.  A series of these figures has come out do far, so now the Kotor era has been treated!  😀 In this preview, they show only a Czerka Scientist and Genoharadan Assassin, but it’s enough to get you excited if you play the game.


Untitled Star Wars Game Novel

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NJOE has just discovered an untitled game novel on Randomhouse!  It’s a 304 page paperback, and the set release date is February 24th, 2009.  Currently, there is no author, but if it turns out to be Drew Karpyshyn, perhaps we’re looking at a possible Kotor novel on the horizon.  This is very interesting, and we’ll be sure to get the latest news on it as it develops!


Kotor MMO Rumours Galore!

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Yes, there are now even more rumours about the possible Bioware Kotor MMO everyone has been talking about. has found via the a rumour that the Kotor MMO will be released sometime between 2010-2011.

EUCantina has also spotted a Kotuka article stating LA will NOT be announcing any new games at the upcoming E3, including any of the rumoured titles lately.  Thinking about it, this would make sense; if a Kotor MMO was released 2010/2011, a logical announcement could be sometime next year.  But we don’t need E3 or any gaming event to have Kotor 3 announced; it could be at any time, so there’s still hope for announcement this year, although don’t get your hopes up.

Of course, the only thing that is official in the E3 news, but we’ll try and get you more of the latest new when it comes!


Kotor #30 – Exalted Part 2, Released Today

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Here marks the day of the release of Knights Of The Old Republic #30.  Looks like Zayne and Feln are having quite the confrontation, so be sure to go to your local comic shop and pick up this no doubt exciting issue!


Bane Duology

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We already have someone doing the summaries for the Bane Duology, but we still have openings for Reviews!